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Hi Aukxsona,

First, I’m so sorry for what you had to go through. I know there are no good options for minors who are homeless.

A low-barrier shelter is one which doesn’t put a lot of conditions on you staying there. It’s a philosophy of sorts.

For example, a low-barrier shelter won’t have a bunch of arbitrary requirements. Some shelters require that in order to stay there you can’t ever drink alcohol. A low-barrier shelter will say that you don’t have to be sober to stay there, but if you’re a jerk to anybody else you’ll be bounced whether you’re sober or drunk.

I know a lot of shelters require absolutely ridiculous crap from people staying there, as if you give up all personal freedoms and rights. A low-barrier shelter understands that you’re an adult. While you’ll have a personalized recovery plan that you’ll have to comply with, it will always be based on your own goals and the steps you agreed to complete, not some “I know better than you what you need” bull.

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