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As best I remember 99% of the weapons where returned, but all the ammo was “”destroyed””. Home owner compensation for damages to doors etc, couldnt tell you, but i am sure there is, or will be a class action law suit.

I have no idea if the fire arms owners where compensated for the ammo, but i doubt it. last i heard they where still really pissed off.

With the PAL here in canada, they take your picture and address, so its not hard to figure out thats how they knew which houses to go to.

What stumped us as canadians… is how they knew how many fire arms where in the buildings… some buildings where searched multiple times until they found the guns hidey hole. If a safe was not bolted to concrete or a heavy, they took whole gun cabinets. A PAL is not proof that you own fire arms, and it is not recorded what you buy. Officially.

The law here is really fucked up, in the video a gun rights lawyer sights a case he read here in b.c. of a guy who was charged for improper storage, because his 22. LR had a shotgun shell near by. In a separate case a guy was charged with a loaded weapon, when a lost .22 LR round, landed in the open breach of his shotgun, and per the law to the letter, that is a loaded fire arm.

Its recommended that if you are a fire arms owner in canada, that you go above and beyond what the law requires. All ammo locked separately, all weapons locked separately, and store them far apart.

Self defense is not an option here in canada. Tho many would rather be tried by twelve than carried by six, if you where to shoot a home intruder here, they can sue you, and you can be charged in the least with manslaughter, threatening with intent etc etc…

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