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*sigh* it will probably become even more strict, lots of chatter about a few rifles they want to ban here, and the laws just changed again over classifications… lots of room for them to maneuver.

compliance is another story tho… in my community there are large criminal elements, and from what I have gathered from talking with the locals, and the way police never arrive without numbers, I assume they are heavily armed… after my dad caught a “hunter” out on a local trail, on the trail cam, he jokingly told the guy he had him on film at the store. Took a few weeks for me to defuse that one… a group of them got together and decided they didnt like that much… there are more than a few houses here that are abandoned with food and cloths still inside because of this.

any kind of registry passes again its going to cause a **** storm in b.c. but it will have zero effect on the guys who are already breaking the law….

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