Re: Zigzagging: Bushrat, back in the hippie days of his youth, used to hitchhike across country. Some very interesting experiences, one of which was being picked up by two young men. He was in the back seat of their car with his backpack, and realized the car was heading down a dirt road, not continuing down the highway. Red flag! Then the man in the passenger seat turned around, stuck a gun in Bushrat’s face, and demanded his money. Money? Why do you think I’m hitchhiking?
The men discussed what they should do with him, one of the solutions being shooting him and dumping the body. Of course, Bushrat, who makes morbid jokes when in a near-death situation, told them it wasn’t really the best idea. Probably messy or something. The men decided to let him run across the dark field next to where they were parked and if he made it to the woods before they shot him, he could go free.
Bless his heart, Bushrat made sure he had his backpack with him, and leaped from the car. Fell face down in a huge mud puddle, picked himself up to their raucous laughter, and zigzagged across the field in the dark. (He had seen it done in the movies.) He didn’t get shot. I don’t think they fired at him–actually think they were stoned, and so giddy with laughter they forgot all about shooting him.
I guess this doesn’t validate zigzagging, but thought it might be of some interest….