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Free – IMHO – this IS going to happen – sooner than later. The effect will be so: take a tea cup. Put water in it up to -let’s say – a 1/4″ of the top of the cup.Hold it. Now. Jus (imagining the equivalent LEAST scenario) – even gently, gently. gently make a motion to your right or left. ..WATCH the water slosh. Imagine, (times magnitude) if/when this happens. Imagine even a small ‘shift’ affecting the waters of the mighty Atlantic. Sloshes up against one continent and then, eventually, up against another, until……………..all is still. Can you or I imagine the havoc created by the surge into geographical features (valleys, existing river/streams) …I can’t bring myself to say more because I know it is useless, and Nature’s power/evidence/outcome is for may…not real.