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I truly believe this will happen in my lifetime…and I think it will be how God gives humans on this earth one last chance to learn to accept one another and learn to live in peace. All of the other possible SHTF scenarios that may, actually, occur….will be as nothing if this does truly take place. Minds can not conceive of many things. Even ‘preppers’ scoff and neglect to consider this very real possibility. Each to their own way of thinking. When I am outside sometimes,…doing some simple, routine chore…the ‘feelings; I get just tell me (of course IMHO and yes, I may be a crackpot- time will tell will it not)…that Mother Nature WILL ‘have the final say’. She is, after all, on the right hand of ‘whomever created the universe’…and has her own schedule to keep. We humans forget we are hardly omnipotent. We are, indubitably, totally lacking in respect (insulated as we have tried to make ourselves) from the power, the force and the will this great force. We have NOT seen her true power. Even the possibility of that thought should make any prudent man tremble.