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What WhiteKnight is saying should be of great concern to TPTB. What I am hearing is frustration with a system that isn’t working anymore in a “what have I got to lose” manner. Forgive me WhiteKnight if I am misinterpreting your sentiment.

My father grew up in the tenements of Hoboken, NJ back when the place was a working class slum. I understand it has been gentrified in recent decades. He, his siblings, and both his parents all had to work just to get by but he was able to leave Hoboken for a very different life, owning his own home (modest though it was) and supporting a large family himself on his factory wages. We lived paycheck to paycheck but we wanted for nothing important. He viewed himself as being a success because he did so much better than his parents did and especially because his kids and wife didn’t have to support the family. When my siblings and I went on to college and started leading lives beyond anything he could of dreamed of he saw it as the natural order of things. He did better than his parents and his kids did better than him. That scenario repeated itself many millions of times over in post WWII America. Now it seems that the children of us baby boomers on average aren’t going to do as well as us. Some are of course but I’m saying on average. The prospects of the grandchildren of us baby boomers, on average, don’t look so great either. It is as if an unspoken pact or promise has been broken, and we see the frustration as expressed by WhiteKnight. I hope TPTB are paying attention.