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WhiteKnight wrote:
…I fear that this will be the last straw and fighting will break out, although there’s a part of me that would welcome the relief from the tension. At this point I’m ready to get it over with win or lose, I don’t know about others. The attitude I see around me is of citizens at their breaking point, and rightly so.

Understand that as a young man, I have hopes and dreams that I know simply cannot be realized until we turn this country around in a big way (such as home ownership, living fear-free, having freedom of religious expression and equal protection under the law). And since I have not realized my dream of having a little house on the prairie with a wife and children, it makes me just want to throw the dice and give it all I’ve got rather than watch my hopes and dreams die a slow death.

For you older guys with families, I assume you want to keep the peace for the most part bc you’ve got little ones to look after, and I understand.

Mostly, though? I think I’m just sick of not doingsomething about it. We all know that voting is ineffective at best at this point and it is sad.

God bless folks, just rambling haha

It seems to me, I find the most apathy and false hope among the 30-somethings. Over 40, we know things are going to crap FAST, and under 30, you all understand that your future is going away fast, also. I have a family, but no grandkids yet, and that is a good thing by my estimation. This current world is NO PLACE to bring one into now!
But I differ from you in this: Every day is a GIFT. we can prepare, stack, pray, and educate. I am doing well in the “hard physical preps” (security, monetary, most hardware and tools) but could use more time and funds for food and more water storage would not hurt, either. Changing up in my firearms just a bit, selling some duplicates and looking for a new 2011 (updated 1911 double stack) but that is not vital. Hold yer Horses, White Knight, the time will come and it will be soon enough if not too soon. FINANCIALLY, the world is in huge Turmoil, I suggest everyone read Road to Roota, and get Bix Weir’s email updates. He notes that Bank of England’s real-time pay system is DOWN, and it could be that all of their account holders are frozen until it is back up!

I have an England-dwelling source to check with, he’s military, but may have some input…

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

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