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74 and mountainbiker, I can tell you with much certainty that the NY SAFE Act is being enforced. No, not in the sense that LE are kicking down doors and rounding up citizens, but in secondary charges.

You’ve all heard about people getting charged with DWI not because of driving erratically, but because of something trivial like a tail light out or failing to turn on headlights while driving on a well lit city road. A person gets pulled over for a license plate light being out and the LE officer smells the booze on the breath. The next thing you know a field sobriety test is being conducted, the person fails, and the cuffs are put on.

That’s pretty much how its been going down in NY. A person gets pulled over in a vehicle and forgot that he or she left a thirty-round magazine in the back seat in plain sight. An officer responds to a third party call of an active husband/wife domestic and enters the residence and eventually notices a pre-ban AR15 in a gun case. While being arrested for a DWI, the subject informs the officer that he or she has a legally licensed Glock loaded and carrying…unfortunately it has a “high capacity” magazine in it. THIS is how the NYSAFE Act is being enforced! Not in the expected Stormtrooper or GESTAPO fashion, but in one routine call at a time.

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