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benjammin, you were a KBR guy, huh? I understand if you want to keep that private.

During my last Iraq tour in ’08-’09, I was on a COP (Combat Out Post) that was still under construction for the “Surge”. It was too small to have a separate KBR compound so two KBR guys actually lived in the same GP Medium (tent) that my team were living . They were both crane operators that were in charge of constructing the “T-Wall” perimeter and were two of the funniest guys that I’ve encountered in my experiences over there. I mean, they were like Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, or Jay and Silent Bob. They had been in country for a while and during prolonged times of boredom we’d hang out smoking and joking and they would tell us of their experiences.

Despite having an awesome sense of humor, they actually had some pretty bad experiences that were on par with what you described. I remember the other “Joes” complaining about how much KBR guys made compared to military, but I’d always ask them, “would YOU want to be here without a weapon?” I was also amazed about how many rules and restrictions you guys were held to. I was told by one of them that if a KBR guy even so much as held a soldiers weapon, it could mean grounds for immediate dismissal and being sent home to whatever country that employee came from. No, sir. I did not envy KBR employees. You may not have been there in a military combat capacity, but you guys made life easier and safer for us and we appreciated that. Thank you.

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