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MB – I posted a few months ago about the positives of wearing nylon stockings (many military guys do do this BTW). Growing up in western PA til 15, then CT til 20’s….never had, saw or knew what a tick was. And, I was around a lot of animals most of every day. When I arrived back to VA in very late ’80’s was y 1st viewing and experiencing of any tick. Much less a deer tick. Now I, needless to say, know better.

Doctors here routinely will give you a prescription for Doxycycline – it is that common. They would prefer to let you have a script you can take the first sign of the bulls-eye red around the tick bite than try and deal with the myriad of complications when left untreated or undiagnosed for any length of time. Ask your DR for a script if in a tick area – or if you are ‘planing’ on traveling to one;) – or get the fish antibiotic equivalent at the very least

Back to the stockings. As it is hard to see or feel deer ticks, I don’t trust showers alone. They can easily hide in your hair/hair line/ behind an ear/ or on a back you have no other person check for you. We won’t talk about your privates! Chuckle. If you wear a pair of nylon hose – even if just knee highs, under your socks – a cut a place for fingers and thumb and wear knee high versions on your arms…the deer ticks, tiny though they may be -will not get through to attach to your skin – and bonus – you can see them!.Don’t be stupid and think ‘Oh I’m a guy – ‘pantyhose?’ I know military dudes, incl my late special forces friend who routinely employ them. Lyme disease is a debilitator and hard for many Doctor’s/tests to properly diagnosis.

My sister was told she had ‘mono’. I busted out laughing, Poor Putz doctor – big red bulls-eye on her lower calf from a deer tick she got while wearing shorts and no shoes/socks by our pond.

Put you pant legs into your boots after duck taping the bottoms of your pants tight to your ankles, over your nylon ‘leg and crotch protectors’. Wear long sleeves over your nylon arm protectors. It is much more of a risk than people are willing to believe. I have at least 5 friends from early thirties to 70 that are still suffering debilitating health issues, still intravenous drugs, barely able to walk, stiff, multiple over-lapping symptoms…. from undiagnosed Lyme’s disease. Don’t take it lightly. And have someone else check your scalp too when outside in brush and stuff for any length of time. Prime hiding spot.

OK done ranting. No Nonsense should be in YOUR BOB gentlemen.

Off soap box… :)