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I can tell you the reasons the Govt is spending more on Homeless Prevention than on homelessness itself, and that is MONEY
The bank$ter$ stand to lose more of their “toilet paper fiat trash cash” if you lose your home, so they will use taxpayer money to prop up borderline folks. It’s cheaper than losing you as a mortgage payer. More expensive to pull someone up out of the pit than to try and keep them out.

Shows just how fuggered up our system really is.

I had a good friend who was pretty hard up, had a wife, 2 kids and a really old car, old rent house with bare floors and walls, and a minimum wage job for all of them. He was not homeless, but close to it. He had some poor ways, but it was a good example to me of how to make it on next to nothing. Pales in comparison to the stories above…

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