That sucks , but a small measure of comfort is the fact that the Russians did a good job at revenge . Out of 91,000 prisoners taken at Stalingrad , only about 3000 ever saw home again , those numbers were typical . The Russians for a time , even had a special post office set up for looting , once they entered Germany . It was 1kg for an enlisted soldat , and 5kg for an officer of loot per month . One can argue all they want to about the Soviet treatment of German civilians , and on an individual basis , no they probably didnt deserve it , BUT as a nation and a people , they deserved much worse than what they got …………..the Russians were the only ones with balls enough to actually do it . The Russians were the first ones to find the camps , and when they reported what they found , we didnt believe them about the scale of it , we thought they were exaggerating ……….until the British and American troops started finding the camps as they moved forward . After that discovery , the west knew how the Soviets were behaving in Germany , and because of the camps …………..they really didnt care what the Russians did . 74 is right , in order to do anything , they must disarm the people . There is a Jewish version of the NRA , that is trying to make sure that doesnt happen again , by trying to educate other Jews on the importance of firearms ownership .