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Having worked on an ambulance for a short period of time, I’ve seen death occur in many different ways. Still Waters is right, for all the training you get, nothing prepares you for the smell of death or gaping wounds, people suffering from serious food poisoning, OD’s, etc. The mentholatum does help. But now the smell of metholatum reminds me of those rides in the back of the ambulance. I couldn’t do it for very long. Couldn’t leave it at work and just go home. All the thoughts in my head were ‘if someone better trained than me was here would she have lived? What if I had done ‘this procedure’ rather than the one I used? What if I was little quicker?Trying to find a vein for venipuncture in a moving vehicle down a rough road isn’t that easy’ The guilt still haunts me on some of those runs.
The benefit of those experiences is that if something should happen I still have the skills to help as best I can.