Inshala here is a link about the muslim camp in the Catskills near Deposit NY. http://www.foxnews.com/story/2007/06/12/islamberg-terror-compound-in-new-york-or-misunderstood-neighbors/

Brulen I agree with you that the locals in the Catskills want the vacationers to go away after the summer. I find that is the case with all seasonal communities. My wife’s Uncle lives in a beach side community and the locals constantly gripe about the tourists who provide them with 90% of their income. New Yorkers state wide are a tough people. I lived there for 30 years. I think the population density, high taxes, and corrupt politics makes (made) us grumpy. I currently live in the North West and it’s like a different world over here. There’s a tenth of the population and folks are happier overall but considerably worse drivers.

Mountain Biker how would you go about dealing with owners making it to their home after it has been given to someone else? I’m sure they would be elated that they made it then frustrated with the prospect of strangers using their home and supplies.