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emjay, I enjoyed your “rambling”…no need to apologize! I admire your determination to prep while raising seven children. God bless you! I have one child (so far) and I find myself challenged on a daily basis. I might have to ask your input about prepping while raising children at a later date.

Also, congrats on your hubby becoming enlightened to the idea/philosophy of prepping. My wife is from a war devastated Third World country, but I was surprised at her attraction to wanting us move to Manhattan when she first came to the U.S. I suppose it was the same thing that attracts millions of tourists every year. We compromised on an area outside of the city but close enough to get there in relatively little time (later this proved to be a detriment more than a benefit). Well, after nearly a decade of living here, the charm of NYC has finally worn off and she did a complete 180. Now she wants to get out of the area and go rural. Hallelujah! She’s seen the light!

Question about Australia: What are your gun laws down there and how does it effect your prepping?

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