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Hello Inshala. You know, in my experience, when the Citiots outnumber the locals they immediately take advantage of it. Codes ordinances zoning planning committees, taxes, reassessments etc. You don’t own your land anymore, they do. But in turn they get outnumbered by newbies buying property. Thus comes the wicked little race to get state grants for everything. Build it grow it sell it move on. The locals are the ones stuck with the bills. The Catskills are a nice place to visit but… faith in humanity, leave it at the door. Ny is one of the highest taxes states. And just about everyone probably will get Lime disease. Not to mention there’s been about two decades of very light snow years. Thats why the locals who endured over time are more like ticks. They were tenacious and nasty people who welcomed people in the summer but were very glad to send them home in the fall.
Besides which the area already has jewish militia on one side and muslim enclaves on the other. All of the just want to be left alone. Really thats why people go to the mountains in the first place.