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Mountain Biker, thank you for sharing your experiences during Irene as well. You should go into real estate…you have me checking out properties in Vermont! I have considered Vermont in the past. There is also this guy I served with overseas, who lives in the Boston Metro area, who swears on Maine. He has hunting property up there and makes frequent visits. Although he has never identified himself as a prepper nor talked about the subject at length, I have a feeling that is the primary reason for the property. I have to admit that I have never been to neither Vermont nor Maine and really should start looking beyond my boundaries. My personal limitations are finance, family, and familiarity. I am actively working to overcome these obstacles.

You reminded me of something that I almost totally forgot: The good Samaritan element. Sometimes I get so caught up in the negative aspect of a SHTF situation that I forget about the good that comes out of it as well. All of the rural areas have volunteer fire and EMT only. These selfless people spent countless hours doing clean up and public safety tasks that helped recover much of the devastated area. There simply weren’t enough paid state and local employees to accomplish this job in a practical amount of time. When citizens realized this, many people, not affiliated with any kind of public service, began lending a hand as well. It was similar to what you described and I remember that it restored part of my faith in humanity…at least for the local permanent residents.

Also, you bring an interesting subject into the conversation: Home ownership. There are a lot of secondary, tertiary, and so forth properties in this area. I actually look upon theses properties as a benefit to those of us who are native to our respective areas. I sincerely doubt that most of them would be able to make it out of the city in time during a SHTF situation. Those properties would be excellent settlements to additional members of a survival group if they went unoccupied by their legal owners. As far as the dynamic of a Citiot culture becoming dominant in their bug-out locations, I think that they’d be in for a rude awakening no matter how affluent. Who knows?

flatlander, I believe there might be a resurgence of real estate sales in the Catskill on the speculation of a casino. Recently, the Catskill area has been kicking around the idea of opening a casino in hopes of revitalizing the economy. To me, this is a severe “red flag” and has me keeping a cautious eye on that region. Other than that, it has a lot of potential and I think that your family is smart for staying put. I also thought about the Schoharie region north of the Catskills since it has always been the “bread basket” of NY. Unfortunately, Irene proved that it is a flood plain (probably why it’s so fertile) and was also endanger of the Gilboa Dam failing.

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