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Thanks uxcf, KOS, and Aukxsona for sharing your stories. I have never walked in your shoes and can only hope that I’d have the inner strength that you have were it to be me. When I was a kid a few times what in those days was called a hobo came to the door looking for a meal. My mother would tell him to go around to the back door and wait while she prepared a plate for him. He’d sit on the back stoop and eat it, and then would be on his way. This was a blue collar neighborhood. Not sure where they came from or where they went. We didn’t have much ourselves but I learned a valuable lesson from my mother’s example.

Aukxsona, how did you make it off the street? KOS, I hope you do find that gold deposit. There seems to be somewhat of a theme that the “do gooders” and social services folks aren’t really helping. What would have been helpful in your situations?