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When I was a kid and homeless finding a spot to sleep was the hardest. I was small so the base of low pine trees were good. They had pine needles to keep fromt he getting wet, the pine tree itself was ever green and sheltered from the wind some and snow. If I could find a pine tree near a fence or something, like in a park, was best. A bed of pine needles isn’t bad.

The other option was to sleep over a grate that expelled hot air but you never knew what chemicals you were inhaling. The advantage was a roof that kept most of the rain out and heat in frigid northern winters.

I slept in abandoned buildings with other homeless kids. Huddled up like hamsters and called each other family so long as we were together.

I slept in apartment stairwells, store frontages of closed stores, shed of houses that were vacation homes, in a tree house once. I even slept under bridges and in old cars that were in junk yards. Staying out of the rain ain’t hard, it’s staying warm that is. Body heat is best which is why you see so many kids “hooked up” and dating.

I even went to the public library to take short sponge baths in the bathrooms, drink water, relieve myself, and take naps in the “study” corners. I looked like a student so I could grab a nap or two and look like it was just hard to study. I carried around a book bag with pencil and paper. The book bag was all I owned and it was waterproof. No electronics, I was too poor for that. If anyone asked I was a highschool or college student researching some boring paper on genetics or something.

As far as identity, create a new one. Every time I moved from one town to another using the bus system, I had a different name and sometimes gender. I actually have lost track of all my aliases. Moving every month or two was necessary to keep cops, social workers, and other “do gooders” away from you. Everyone thinks they help…but they don’t. I would panhandle enough for a bus pass to a town or two away and just leave in the middle of the night. That way I got to sleep in a warm and somewhat safe environment.

Being seen as male had advantages, “no rapey people” and being female had advantages “people want to save you.” In an urban environment I presented a male image and in a suburban or rural environment I always dressed female. I am female by the way. Being small and small breasted was an advantage as most took me for a prepubescent boy when I dressed, spoke, and answered to a male name.

You have to be creative and adapt to your environment. There is so much man…if you have questions I would be happy to answer. BTW own my own home and went to college…so you can make it off the street.

When was the last time you went without electricity, running water, food, and had babies screaming for food...now you know why I prep. These are the things a mother's nightmares are made of.