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agree on all points whirlibird. Ima dive through your posts a bit more because i had no idea that un spent grains of powder could do that. You would think they would cover that kind of thing in the fire arms course i took for my license, tho im sure they just wanted my face and address… one of the most uncomfortable things they made me do was look down the barrel in that course… was the opposite of everything id ever been taught by my father.

One of the big things i spent time practicing in the bush this last year was combat loading the shotgun after all five shells where spent. I called it my bear drill. Shotgun is slung on the shoulder, right hand grabs the stock, throws to shoulder, rack, four shots out, buck, slug, buck, slug, pause check, slug, open breach load, chamber, pause check. Trying to build a good habit with the twelve gauge.

On the topic of combat and reloading, thats a big afirm from me, in vid games people have a bad habit of reloading when they have fired half a clip. Thats usually when i zip around the corner and capitalize on the reloading sounds I hear. In real life I would never do that, both sides of that situation, id rather bug out in a window like that.

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.