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Difference of opinion and diversity, I believe anyway, are a human strength. And I can respect another man/womans opinion, but that doesnt mean I wont challenge it. When people challenge my opinion on something I tend to listen to the argument, because I am not infallible.

It was the arma 3 engine. day z was the arma 2 engine, best anarchy sim Ive ever played, learned a lot about human psychology in that one, people actually follow game trails of a sort through the citys. When I figured out the path of least resistance was the one being taken by 60% of the day z population, it made it really easy to set up traps and ambushes, and that in turn made it easier to figure out where the snipers prefer to hide.

99% of all fighting in day z was ambush and positional warfare. It was almost never a head on fight squad vrs squad, probably because you only had one life. I think that the head on battles are a military thing because they have medi vac and field surgical units, they gain time for casualties with direct assaults.

If id never played them, id never know how to properly peel, properly bound, etc… and since I am poor as a church mouse (no income in over two years now) vid games and the net have been my only learning tool.

*shrug* like I said I felt a bit slighted, I have clocked over 20k hours probably in the last 20 years on fps of all manner.

The things i do not like about them, is that they do not have bullet drop, (except for arma 2, which made me learn the math formula for calculating distance without a range finder, bullet drop etc… tho I wish they would add in windg.

I thought it was cool that you had to figure out your elevation to the target in arma 2 as well. Shooting from a higher position than your target apparently has its own quirks.

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.