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Agreed, any prep is better than no prep. I guess I’m so spoiled by the amount of easily accessible water where I’m at that I can’t imagine being forced to raid other people’s wells for it.

Something to consider, the people who built our house drilled the well about 10 feet from the house, dug it out to basement level and built a block foundation around it up to the house’s foundation. It has a concrete cap on it which serves as a patio.

Essentially we have a well room off the basement which we access from inside the house, and anyone on the property would be stumped trying to find it. If it needs to be serviced, there’s a small block of the concrete which is removable if you know where it’s at.

I know we wouldn’t be able to afford to do that now, but for anyone in the process of well design and placement, I’d highly recommend considering this setup.

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