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Still Waters, you are already doing an important piece of the process by sizing up the neighbors so that you know what their strengths and weaknesses are. You are as well making yourself part of the community so to speak. The nice thing about countryside living is that its OK to just help neighbors without being asked. I have 4 neighbors in my very immediate vicinity and we’ve grown close enough to two of them that they each have a key to my house. I recently was cutting some limbs and when I was done I went over to the 3rd neighbor’s yard with my chainsaw as long as I had it out and cut up a dead tree he had dragged to his burn pile area with his bucket loader/backhoe. In the past he’s just shown up with that bucket loader/backhoe when he saw me working on something manually that would go faster using his equipment. All of us get our driveways plowed but there’s always shoveling to do too, and when I’m done shoveling mine and I see the 4th neighbor hasn’t already done theirs, I just go over and do theirs too. There’s an elderly woman there with a live-in caregiver and I figure best she be able to get out in a hurry should there be a medical emergency (as has occurred multiple times). I doubt any of my neighbors are preppers but they have certain practical skills and the relationships are being built to allow for mutual assistance come a SHTF event. Even the elderly woman would have something to add. She’s the youngest of 21 children (got to love those French Canadians) and in her younger days when her kids were small she grew and preserved much of their food).

All that said, I’d love to have a real MAG with fellow preppers but it is an elusive goal.