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Yesterday afternoon I drove 5 hours to Maine in the rain,only to have the event postponed when I got there and then turn around and drive 5 hours home in the rain. The up side (I think?) was I listened to the entire ebola hearing on the radio, and then the hours of rehashing it all afterwards. I was not impressed with Frieden and the gang. As I have observed for the past few years, the CDC is now more a politically driven organization than it is a public health driven organization. O has succeeded with permeating every Federal agency with his agenda.

tweva, I am well versed in the Publisher Clearing House grip on old guys. My FIL bought plenty of overpriced crap thinking he had won, spending money he didn’t have to spend. That organization should be ashamed of themselves. They know exactly what they are doing. Not to start a contest here or anything but how many old toilet seats did you find in your Dad’s garage? My father-in-law had about 6, just in case he needed them again.