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The rate of infection depends on the infected. Was the nurse just starting to get the infection of Ebola when she was on the plane? Since Ebola has a time of 21 days incubation which means it can start in those 21 days we are not sure how infectious the nurse was at the time she was on the plane.

What we do know for a fact is that the two nurses got Ebola in a control area and protected by what the CDC had at the time as guidelines. So why does the CDC think that they need a new guideline when Ebola guidelines have been in Africa for years and have worked in the pass? What changed? Why did the nurses get Ebola? Why has the 3m n95 mask been working for years now not working? Many questions that have not been answered.

The problem with Ebola is that it has a 21 day incubation period so this makes it very hard to know when it starts to become infectious and this also makes it hard to know if it is a semi-airborne virus or not since it is only infectious once the onset of Ebola happens and not in the 21 day period.

So the nurse in the plane doe not prove that Ebola is not airborne at the time, all it does is that the nurse got back and reported that she was having a fever and wanted to be looked at. No report on how infectious was she at that time but the CDC is not taking any chances which also tells me that they are also not 100% sure if this Ebola virus has mutated or not. The CDC really doesn’t know how infectious this Ebola virus is.

The Ebola virus is evolving fast and the CDC whats to stop it before it evolves into a total flu like virus(total airborne).

I do believe that the Ebola virus in Dallas has evolved (mutated) into a more infectious semi-airborne virus where it may travel up to 20 feet.