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Tolik – I know this is a ‘sales pitch’ in its way but I like Addison Wiggins. And Jim Rickarts is a smart guy. I do have problems when people try and put dates on something like ‘when shtf will start’ etc. But interesting food for thought anyway if you skip over sales pitch.

MountainBiker – I know – I flew enough in my life I rarely do it any more if I can help it. But that drive up to the CT/MA line area is a bit** and I hate that worse. Guy buying house – sale contingent on pretty quick possession. Took a strong young guy with me and knocked it out. Good for you for saving your kids from all that. Seriously 3 paper bags of free address labels? And since we have so many random laws they should add another: NO JUNK MAIL/charity ‘pleas’ to anyone over a certain age – or at least a way to stop it. It is ungodly what my father gets. I have to get this mail (I refuse to take him to PO) because otherwise he hauls it all back to my house – and then, although it occupies ‘time’ while he ‘reads’ all this ‘important’ stuff…than he becomes indecisive, hangs on to it and it stacks up, and up. Un. And boy does he get angry when I scoop it all up and throw it out! Sigh. So…now I throw it out at the PO. Just awful. And worse, I don’t get all that stuff – so why does my father? (He is not a generous man and doesn’t send them any money – so it isn’t like that is what promulgates it all).

Anyway…off topic…sorry