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I know I am tripple posting this post, sorry.

Whirlibird I was reflecting on this post a little, and remembered when I was researching drones here last week, that all current drone pilots have zero experience in real air craft.

The reasoning behind this, as the creators of the cpu systems found out, was that pilots had their cups full already, and could not adapt to flying in a box car half way around the world. They keep crashing.

The creators of the drone’s found out surprisingly, that if they put someone with zero experience flying real aircraft into the seat, that they had no trouble adapting, and soon became adept at the flight controls.

Now I am not using this as an argument point. I am pretty choked that 95% of the 45 y/o + crowd completely dismiss computers, competitive games and stratagem as 100% useless. I don’t argue with the olds anymore on this topic, it is an uphill battle.

I just felt slighted by your comment, I am very passionate about FPS (obviously). My original post was not meant to imply that it is satisfactory combat training, it is not, it is dying training. I have only two perfect games under my belt in all my life. 31/0 kd ratio and 30/0. That score relied 100% on my ability to remember a map, and all the best firing positions. Lots of youngs, say that hand eye co ordination is the main argument for video games, most people regard that as bullshit. But… target acquisition, identification, and waiting for the beed to be where you want it to pull the trigger… are all hand eye… wether games improve that or not, is debatable. The only thing we know 100% about the topic is that age 14 and younger are faster at pulling the trigger after acquiring a target, and the older you get… the slower the synapses fire. (its in milliseconds tho, and they where all fully rested etc…)

*edit Target identification did improve dramatically with games that copy those pop up courses with hostages LE and Military use. Not sure what you guys call them. But since friendly fire is such a large concern in real life, I felt I should throw that in as well. This is not an argument point tho, there is a big reason 95% of FPS have no friendly fire on… most people suck at it and TK. So since it is never turned on, they never learn to acquire and identify properly.

As happy as it would make me for you to, reconsider your opinion on video games being less than worth less, I would be satisfied If anything I have written in this post could move you to in the very least give it a value equivalent to an army manual, thats you know… little above zero… as the vets will be chuckling. I’ve read a few, there a joke really.

And, just to be a dink, I am going to throw this video in as well. It is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen in a video game, not because its gore, not because its violent… but because someone intentionally put the player in the role of mass murderer. Gotta wonder how many sick bastards out there pulled the trigger… I didn’t…

(this is the russian false flag attack that was blamed on america and started the ball rolling towards ww3 in this COD game, tho I would say the coolest scene was when an american defector hijacked a sub and det a warhead over america causing an emp, so… teaching kids about emp, and russian false flags *golf clap*)

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.