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Thats to bad you feel that way whirlibird. One of the first things I learned growing up with FPS is slicing the pie. I hope you reconsider your position. Pardon the pun.

These players that I showed here are a mix of randoms and combat vets, practicing conventional military tactics and strats with radios only. Everything down to the radio communications requires that a player go through a boot camp before entering the community. Pilots need to be trained, because this is an army simulator, before they are allowed to fly missions. They practice chain of command, among other things, but only rarely include an air element (game ends to quickly).

Flight simulators are video games too… they just have much more expensive chairs. And yes, nothing counts as much as experience, things like adrenaline and tunnel vision can only be experienced in real life.

Ive considered writing a post on the lessons ive learned from FPS in general. But I am rather turned off by the idea.

One of the greatest things I have learned from observing
airsoft matches, was keeping a tight profile and tucking the elbow in. Something I have only noticed the pro’s do, and of coarse swat team entrys. (which by the way shack tak trains its members to do. Very tight community. Serious fun)

In this video I was especially impressed with the discipline involved in the first 15 minutes with the peel maneuver. And later with the hit and run tactics of the last remaining squad member, who knew damn well he was facing a full squad. HMG 3x riflemen, medic, and CO. Turned out to be a squad and left overs.

*edit* HMG not MMG lol.

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