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*shrug* here is my thoughts on the topic. Bare with me.

Ok so hypothetically, the power has just gone out, the watch stops running, ****… emp… with no reliable information, I am left with no choice but to assume the possibilities.

1. its not solar, solar will not effect micro chips, so the flash light would still be working if that was the case, in the very least.

2. It must be an exchange of either claaaassifieeed emp weapons, or a limited exchange of warheads, or the beginning of a full exchange.

since i have no reliable information, I must assume the worst case event has occured, until I recieve valid information proving otherwise. *starts filling water containers* starts digging… Fallout may arrive withing 24 to 150 hours, fallout will cover the earth in approximatelly 300-400 hours. Yummy dust lottery that would be…

now in regards to ebola. I dont trust a god damn word the t.v. or the whores at the top who say everything is A O K. There news, is not reliable. The internet however, is a great pile of feces, for which i can dig through and find a few gems of truth full of knowledge.

At present, I do not see infection rates in either africa, or america, that would indicate to me that the virus is air born. The RO seems to be firmly at 2… if air born, you would be looking at an RO of about 4-7. (excluding an event like a plane ride, where the RO would be 137, never mind the air ports…)

However… I cannot rule out the possibility of a semi cover up (damage control) in an effort to stay panic as long as possible…

If there was damage control being preformed, (100% certain there is regardless), they won’t be able to keep it from the net, or the radio waves (AJ) for more than one more doubling time (food for thought friends… kill switch) America is not africa, they dont have fast food in africa, they dont have one person handling items or food for thousands of people per day in africa… they do not have same day amazon delivery. heres your cd, packaged this morning.

Oh and nor do they have an economy like in america… physical money is dirty, lets all switch to digital, just get in line for your chip. (over my dead fucking body).

So as of this day, this writing. I do not consider it to be air born… If i was in dallas, I would be assuming the worst, because of lack in factual news… and lets face it… panic is going to set in way before ebola does, and in my humble opinion, panic is about 10x worse.

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