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Yeah 74 – figured if I blew my nose, coughed or yawned big to clear my ear (not sick – lifelong problem) the plane would have been quarantined and the hazmat suits would have hauled me off to the hoosegow. Yeah, today was worse than going up. Someone said possible student fromYale (in New Haven) being tested. One older than me lady from Yonkers (she told everyone) was really jumpy (she the bathroom monitor).

Anyway, I was too tired to get weirded out by the odd feeling/behavior. LESSON FOR ALL ….just because you get older and are a prepper does not mean you should hang on to all tax returns for 39 years, all credit card receipt slips since beginning of cards being issued very free bunch of address labels some charity sends u in hopes u will send them money, every paper bag on the planet, old cashmere overcoats you haven’t worn since you retired at 50 ….40 years ago (and won’t)….I think part of my ear needed cracked wast he dust build up. Unh. Think of your kids having to deal with all that crap.

Night all. About flattened. Bless all.