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Pretty interesting. Three days ago had to go to a couple of local big box stores. A fair number of plain paper masks in use. LOTS of clear plastic gloves. NO hand sanitizer left. Peeps are freaking for sure.

Just got back this afternoon from closing elderly father’s house in CT (yeah it sold!). Flew through Dulles and Bradley Field on way up – Bradley, JFK (met up briefly with long time-no see friend) then on to Dulles on way back. LOTS of gloves and a bunch of paper masks on all flights. Prettyquiet too. Could definitely feel tension in the air if you are sensitive to ‘group dynamics’ as I feel I am. VERY few people got up to use the restroom. One lady tried to talk a seat mate out of using it as they tried to get up/by. ‘You don’t know what’s in there!’. Bonus oddly was that it seemed lots of people had checked their bag. Usually overheads are crammed to capacity. Made getting on/off much quicker. I was afraid to cough to clear my ears.