MountainBiker the Catskills does have a lot of city folks buying places as vacation homes. I have a lot of experience in being under estimated by people because of the way I look, dress and speak. I’ve done plenty in my past that would make me useful but folks wouldn’t know it because they assume the worst since I work in an office in the city.

I also don’t mention what I’ve done in the past initially since it sounds like bragging and there is no need to advertise that I’m a prep minded individual. It’s an interesting position to be in since it allows me to see both sides of the coin.

In an ideal world it would be great to be surrounded by like minded individuals and friends and family but I don’t see that happening any time soon because of work.

I read One a Second After and in one part of the book they are questioning the usefulness of some of the residents who own 2nd homes in the town. I understand that they were thinking of survival by keeping the amount of residents in town to a minimum. But how and who would decide who stays and who goes and what reprisals would come from those who were kicked out of there legally purchased homes? Just something to think about.

Edit. I’m not suggesting you or your fellow neighbors would kick people out but it’s a possibility in other towns and was a topic briefly brought up in the TV show Jericho and is interesting to think about and discuss.