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There is a real lack of options here in canada when it comes to weapons. 95% of un restricted are aimed at hunting.

Even if you had a home intruder here in canada, and you blasted him, or heaven forbid he slips and smacks his head. You can be charged with manslaughter, and or in the case of the latter, he could sue you, the home owner.

****, if you even point a weapon, unloaded or not at a home intruder, you could be going to jail for some time…

I read a story about a guy having a dispute with his couple mile away neighbors, who one day decided to fire bomb his house with molotov cocktails. He fired warning shots over their heads, after they fired his house… Guess who went to jail?

Sorry that was off topic

Shotguns have actually become my least favorite weapon. Not because they are undependable (they are very dependable), but because after 25 yards you might as well be shooting blanks. I know that may rub some people the wrong way, but let me ease those feelings by saying I believe its probably the best home defense weapon, for those who live in places that allow citizens to defend themselves in their homes…. Slugs and 00 buck will pretty much stop a bear on your staircase instantly, tho your ears will be bleeding.

They tried to make a move to restrict shotguns here in the last few years, what an uproar that was. They will try again tho.

Being a gun noob myself, I dont think I qualify to say much past what I know.

I know I love my 10-22 ruger, and I love the looks on peoples faces when they go shooting, and I pull out that little dinky rifle and take out pine cones at 30 yards in quick succession, when they have been blasting at them for 5 minutes.

Love that rifle, accurate as hell at 100 -200 yards, quiet, hardly ever jams (depending on ammo, which I still cannot get much of… managed to get 2 boxes of 222 lr hp .22 yesterday, they sold out of 700 boxes of 500 rounds at one store instantly, and the big main store had more than that, and was on the verge of selling out when i picked my boxes up. wish i could afford more…but allas I am poor.)

The only thing I do not like about the 10-22 ruger, is that it looks so un intimidating lol.

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