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Just managed to check it – and yes, I’m quite effed, mainly with the physical side. I have a bad health (several allergies and migraines), and while I am in a fairly good shape for being myself, I’m asthmatic, and have a light build (48 kgs, tops, for 158 cms). My sisters are more physically capable, but we are without valid combat experience – just a few years in martial arts, no real shooting skills, and while I know how to throw a grenade, and assemble a gun, like my father, my little sisters never bothered to learn it.
My family has some experience in maintaining a garden, and canning food – in fact, we have quite a big pantry from this. We have a few animals (rabbits, and we are planning to get some ducks), but my father is unable to slaughter them – until they look like bunnies, chicks etc, he cannot be forced to even chop them up! My mother and I have no problems with this, but my sisters are like my dad. We are better off when it comes to chopping up wood, and heating with fire, and currently, we are dealing with a water pipe burst, so we know how to use as little water as possible. We are storing a great amount of food, and have a small stock of necessary drugs and bandages, besides the usual products (candles, lighters, coffee, cigarettes, gas masks, you know). But the physical and mental side of the things… I think the author of the article was right. Definitely have to prepare for this, too.

"just a little girl"