Oh I do prefer certain makes, models and more.
But that’s my preference for me. I’ve spent countless dollars and hours learning what I like and dislike, and more importantly, why.

I try to steer people towards a target or goal, even if its not one I prefer.

I do put forth some strong opinions about certain makes/models, and that’s in part because of the extremes that some people are willing to go to without being able to either justify or qualify their choices.

I am a 1911 fan, no question.
Why do I carry a Glock?

I don’t like the AK.
But there’s one in my wifes closet.

Much of what I say comes from nearly 30 years of fixing guns.
Other parts from 10 years behind a badge. Seeing what works and doesn’t and both reading and being present for autopsies.

Certain features lend themselves more appropriately to “survival” than others. Digging through all the bs is the challenge to finding the answer.