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Good questions. I will admit I hadn’t gotten my thinking to the aftermath yet. My quick answer is that I don’t think we really know when or what would be infectious. As Brulen noted, bodies that freeze shortly after death may well be infectious when they thaw. Once bodies are in the open, 74’s answer says it succinctly, but they need to be gotten into the open assuming most will have died in their homes. Dousing a body with bleach would help but that’s not going to kill the virus inside the bodies so it seems some kind of biohazard suit is really going to be necessary for those emptying houses of dead bodies.

As an aside, the genealogy nut in me says to record who the people are that are being buried this way, and if names are not known, record at least the address and some particulars….young male, older female etc. so that family that comes looking for them later can have some finality as to what happened.