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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Jay wrote:</div>Whats truly scary is when we experience the time when antibiotics stop being effective and other treatment like bacterophages arent ready yet… then small cuts can kill again and standard surgical procedures become matters of life and death…

This seems like more of an immediate issue, to me, than Ebola. There are more people contracting measles in a given state every year than the total number with Ebola this year. We are seeing diseases previously virtually wiped out make a resurgence. I’m much more concerned with antibiotic resistant bacteria, personally. Quick story, my wife is in medicine and was telling me a story tonight about how a local medical assistant was asking a patient some questions about recent travel. The MA didn’t know the country so marked the patient as having been to west Africa. Well of course this caught legs and a rumor spread that Ebola was diagnosed here. The local infectious disease docs found it hysterical that people flipped out, especially after it was revealed that the patient had gotten back from the Dominican Republic, definitely not Africa.