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Sledjockey, I’m going to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. This is becoming an increasingly worrisome, to say the least, situation. If this isn’t controlled quickly, before peak flu season, primary care/urgent care clinics will get hosed, your right, because some people may not even know they may have been exposed! Absolutely, I have no copay to my primary Doc, and 150 for the ED.
Of the 3 people at my job that have signed up to treat potential ebola cases, I know 2 personally they work on my floor, and neither have gotten any info about training and no info for future training. Maybe that’s because my hospital isn’t prepared. Oh and to make things worse at my hospital, we have the contract with airport to treat all medical cases on any/all flights, including ebola. I confirmed that last night when I spoke with the house supe. Good grief….it is a fecal-typhoon! ;)