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Having been in the military while the initial attacks and such were going on, I learned a lot that never hit the news.

One thing I did see on CNN that was interesting was right after we went into Iraq. There was news footage about 40-50 55gallon drums of a nerve agent that they found buried. This amount was enough to kill millions if dispersed in the right areas. This report came on and was pulled immediately. I only saw it one time and the reporter was cut off before the end of their transmission as well.

When people talk about how bad the government is at covering things up, this really helps to show that even something this big can easily be covered up. Thousands of people are aware of this and it just now starts coming out? What if only 10’s or 100’s are aware of it? Easier to cover up then, huh?

Maybe those armadillo hat wearing people aren’t as paranoid as once thought.