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Pheonix, I do know from reading a lot on the Ebola virus that dogs and cats do not get Ebola. Monkeys do.

On the time that the Ebola stays alive everywhere I have read it is 24 to 48 hours but they maybe wrong. Almost all viruses do not stay alive very long in a dead body. Burning them maybe a good idea after that since dead bodies may have other diseases. Always wear gloves and a good mask to burn them. In Dallas it looks like no one has been infected at the apartments where the Ebola patient lived, they did still burned everything but I believe it is infectious for the 24 to 48 hours.

1. How long does a dead body remain contagious? 24 to 48 hours.
2. Obviously you do not want to touch them. Do you pile combustibles on them and burn them where they lie? I think that after the 48 hours you can feel safe to just use gloves and a mask and drag them to a location to burn them.
3. How burned is burned enough to be able to safely handle the remains? Like I said before after the 48 hours the Ebola virus is dead, all viruses need a live host to live.
4. You also need to take into consideration other icky things you can catch from handling decomposing bodies. Yes many other diseases may start so you need to use gloves and a good mask.
5. Do you just pick them up with a front end loader and pile them into a pit for disposal? I think that if this happens we will be able to drag them to a point to burn them. They will be dead for longer then 48 hours.
6. Can the corpses be chemically cleansed instead of burning them? I.e. how much bleach do you pour onto them? I don’t think we need to do that. Just burn the bodies.
7. Will animals, especially dogs and cats, be able to transmit the disease? If so, for how long? No dogs and cats do not get Ebola virus. Only Monkeys do.

All of this may change but this is the info that is out there. Ebola virus may mutate. But one thing is for sure in dead bodies all viruses die after a 48 to 72 hour range. They all need a live host to live.