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Oh my goodness! I think the other days debate about how Ebola is contracted is irrelevant at this point because apparently the hospital did virtually nothing to prevent the spread when it came to providing proper equipment to the workers or really the minimum equipment needed. No shoe covers, really, that virus is all over now.
The second healthcare worker was on a frontier airlines flight the day before she went to the hospital with a fever and now all of those passengers are being asked to contact the CDC. I can not fathom why on gods green earth this persons travel was not restricted? Are they trying to spread it? I don’t care if she wasn’t symptomatic the day before she tested positive, clearly this virus or this strain of the virus is extremely contagious. Really I am just blown away with the flippant behavior of basically everyone involved. I really think no one gives a crap. Based on what I heard on the news this morning I feel like the entire hospital needs to be quarantined.
The other day my hospital administrators went to a local news station and told them our hospital was prepared to handle Ebola patients. Well I spoke with a house supervisor and they said we are in no way ready, we don’t have the gear and there are only 3 people who have signed up to treat these patients, 3 out of an entire hospital!
The people from the flight, which was a 100 or more plus the people from the hospital, which is now 76, that’s a huge possible exposure, 176 at the minimum. Stupid, stupid, stupid!
Time to make some last minute preps to shelter in place.