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flatlander, thank you so much for sharing this! I remember Irene very well. We had the house for little over a year and the basement flooded to about a knee high depth. That was relatively minor compared to what happened up by you in the Catskills.

Irene also serves as an example of the government getting it wrong and how we should NOT rely on them. A friend of mine was in the Air National Guard at the time and was deployed to NYC in anticipation of the storm. Many National Guard assets were relocated from Occupied NY to the city because the Little Prince Cuomo needed to protect and impress his constituents in Metropolis. He left the Upstate exposed and vulnerable. When the storm hit and devastated the region, assets had to be pulled from other parts of the state, mainly the State Troopers, which incurred ridiculous amounts of overtime for many state employees and nearly bankrupted us…again. To date, there are still many parts of the Catskill Region that have not recovered. It’s tragic. The wife and I enjoy going for the occasional day trip up to the mountains and I’ve even been to that Freshtown that you mentioned. I’ve also hiked Kaaterskill Falls and just walked around towns like Phoenecia and Tannersville…all of which are still recovering to some degree. Also, I remember back in my youth, I used to take a yearly trip from the Downstate area to Cobbleskill for the annual Am-Jam motorcycle rally at the fairgrounds. I always loved the little clusters of towns I’d encounter along Routes 23 and 145 through Catskill, Durham and such. When I went through there back in 2012 most of what I remember was gone…washed away or abandoned. I was also amazed at all the real estate for sale up in that region. It was truly a “life after people” setting and somewhat depressing.

So it was after Irene that you became serious about prepping? Before Irene, did you consider the Catskills to be an acceptable prepper environment? Would you consider any parts of that region acceptable now? Did your family decide to leave the Catskills after that? I think that what you encountered is a valuable lesson in prepping and I wish I knew more people who were caught up there when it happened. I appreciate your input!

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