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The flu virus has many types of contagious degrees, some are contagious to 5 to 20 feet and some are airborne to the point where they can travel long distances in the air. The Ebola virus 74 is now at that level of a flu virus for sure, now how fare it can travel is what is not well known since the CDC is playing with us. Now like the flu virus staying away from people will keep you safe.

The face masks will only be for when you have to go out where there is a lot of people.

For right now I can say for sure that Ebola is contagious at close range up to 20 feet and maybe more.

One other thing we have not talked about is that we need to not get the flu this year because that will make us easier to get other viruses since our immune system will be fighting the flu virus. So an Ebola virus would have no problem infecting someone that has a flu virus.