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Remember, also, that if you are out hiking in the Winter time you don’t want to sweat. Sweat will evaporate which will make you colder. Instead, dress in layers so if you get too warm, you can take a layer off. Some materials will wick the sweat away from your body; I believe UnderArmor makes such a product. I am sure others can avise you better on that. I am with you-all that Carharts are great
In addition, be careful that you don’t get dehydrated from the sweating. Carry some water with you, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you will just grab a handfull of snow, especially the yellow snow. Eating snow will lower your core temperature, which can lead to death. It takes a lot of snow to even make a mouthful. I am aware that you probably are more familar than I am with these things as it has been 40+ years since I worked outside in the snow and cold without a heat source handy but Carharts have only gotten better. I still have mine and I have been working inside since 1968. Ron S