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74, I have found that if the extremities are kept warm, you are already halfway there with the middle parts. What you describe for the torso and legs makes abundant sense. I have a pair of extremely light weight thinsulate leggings that I can wear beneath a pair of bluejeans and my legs will be OK. If I am subject to getting wet however, I will wear a light weight windbreaker type pants over my jeans. My winter weight Carhartt coat is all I need for the torso itself. Yesterday I posted the VT Bomber hat I wear, I wear a pair of Cabela’s winter hunting gloves that allow me to poke the trigger finger out if need be. For this coming winter I bought a pair of Red Wing Irish Setter Boots as my old winter boots were getting pretty worn. I’ve never spent this much money on footwear in my life but I know they will serve me well for a very long time. http://ads.midwayusa.com/product/517495/irish-setter-elk-tracker-600-gram-insulated-boots