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Yep, the thing is, I think there estimates are low, and do not consider un reported cases.

They are low balling.

If you where to start the doubling rate on a chess board, square one, with one infected, and then double every proceeding square. we are about 1/3 the way through the chess board, and more or less at the tipping point by January, at least in africa. January the following year is harder to predict because hopefully some kind of action is taken by then, but I am positive it will be in the Billions. Especially if it makes its way into asia.

Regardless of the threat to europe or the north american continent from this disease, it is very important to consider the rate of mutation, and its chances of occurring the more the virus spreads.

It doesn’t just have to mutate into something more contagious, it could also mutate into something more deadly. And since micro biology is so relatively new to the arms race between humans and micro organisms, who knows what could happen.

But now if these ******** cant even manage to stamp out ebola. WTF is gonna happen if something escapes the crack pot experiments they probably have running everywhere.

Zombies, most likely.

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