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@ Still’- amen there- Mentholatum is my menthol of choice.. ;>)

Someone far wiser than me once said:

“Andy Warhol had it wrong. We’re not ‘destined’ to 15 minutes of fame- we’re remembered by it.”

He said that because we were attending an after-burial gathering at the deceased family’s house and we took notice of the “life goes on” elements around the property…

Cars drove by-
Children giggled and played in the yard-
And one-by-one, those who knew our passed [past?] friend had a story to tell.

We finally figured out that if you leave this world with people capable of telling any good story, with a good laugh- and yes, even a forlorn tear; meant a person must have had some kind of legacy- if only in one room, for one quiet, awkward moment- for 15 minutes… Before life moved on.

"We all have our delusions my dear- far be it from me to take away yours."