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This quote from his blog sums up the problem pretty well. Murphy’s law is always ready to strike.

“Just look at how well that worked at Texas Health Presbyterian, a top-tier 968-bed acute primary hospital in Dallas, and a regional healthcare keystone in that city.
They misdiagnosed their first patient.
Their computerized EMR doesn’t dump the nurse’s triage notes onto the doctor’s page, so critical screening information was missed.
They exposed their hospital lab to specimens that weren’t safe to handle, because they didn’t know Thomas Duncan needed a BL4 response and specimen handling.
They exposed doctors, nurses, staff members, patients, and visitors to Ebola unknowningly.
They sent him back into the community to expose family, friends, EMS workers, and random strangers as well.
Which led to inappropriate hazmat cleaning at his home;
the potential exposure of four public schools to the disease, which has necessitated closing them for cleaning while parents keep their children home, some withdrawing them completely;
and on and on, with 18/100/50 (depending on which number is currently operant) people under self-imposed quarantine and monitoring.”