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Thank you, everybody! I’m very humbled by the warm reception. You all seem like a great crew and I look forward to exchanging information with you.

lovelynightbird, when I lived in Amman, I stayed right on Third Circle before moving to “The Gardens”. Before I left I tried going to Israel to visit Jerusalem. Unfortunately I was unaware that you were not allowed to cross the bridges in a rental car. I had my passport stamped and ready to go, but I had to leave the car at the Jordanian checkpoint and take a bus. After thinking about it long and hard, I decided that I was not brave enough to venture, alone, into another country and rely on its mass transit. I aborted my mission and went back to Amman. I haven’t given up totally on my trip to Israel. Perhaps I could pick your brain about where to go and any traveling nuances at some point?

Mountain Biker, I live roughly seventy miles from Midtown Manhattan, but people traveled as far from the northern Jersey Shore area which is roughly one hundred and five miles away.

Flatlander, I remember Irene VERY well! It was only a year prior to Sandy. Even though we were hit pretty hard, Sandy was worse. We didn’t have to worry about the mountain folk coming down to raid us like we did with the Citiots during Sandy. I would absolutely love to hear about your experiences during Irene while staying up there. I mean, towns and highways were flooded or washed away and still haven’t recovered to this day.

Well, thank you again everybody and I look forward to interacting more with all of you! Cheers!

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